Many famous people have once walked the halls of CMU in Mount Pleasant.

It's no secret that Michigan has produced a lot of notable people and famous celebrities. From growing up in small towns to attending one of the many awesome universities throughout the state, many people with Michigan ties have gone on to do great things.

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Today we will take a look back at not only the famous and notable people that have attended Central Michigan University, but we will also get nosey and see what their net worth is.

In the list below you will find actors, reality TV stars, athletes, and more that have taken some classes at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. All of the entries below have at least a net worth of $1 million dollars or more. Sadly though, not all of them are still with us.

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Central Michigan University was originally opened in 1892 as the Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute. It was until 1959 that it officially became known as Central Michigan University. The university, which is one of the eight research universities in the state, has over 15,000 students on campus in Mount Pleasant.

Central Michigan University is broken down into the following eight academic divisions:

  • The College of Business Administration
  • The College of the Arts and Media
  • The College of Education and Human Services
  • The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions
  • The College of Liberal Arts and Social Studies
  • The College of Medicine
  • The College of Science and Engineering
  • The College of Graduate Studies

While the alumni below attended CMU for educational reasons, I will always know CMU as the place we went to party on the weekends.

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