There are some names of towns and villages throughout the United States that just kinda make you giggle. One of them is right here in our great state of Michigan. A small village not far from the Indiana/Michigan border named Colon.

Yes, Colon.

The small town of about 1,200 residents is also known as the "Magic Capital of the World" due to world-famous magician Harry Blackstone who bought property in the village in the 1920s. Soon Colon was on the rise with magic shops and even the first ever magic gathering in 1934. Some residents are now saying they want the town's name to change. Could it be from social media taking stabs at the village's name in fun?

A local owner of a magic shop said if they change the name he is packing up and getting out of Colon. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Rather than get bent out of shape about their unfortunate name, the residents need to learn to embrace Colon like the people of Uranus have. That's right, there is a small town in Missouri named Uranus and the locals really run with it. I mean they say they have the world's best fudge in Uranus.

If Colon could just team up with Uranus I think we could have a solid team. Just look at how great this commercial is. Take note, Colon.


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