If you're pregnant and really hoping your baby turns out to be a rocker, there's now a way to increase the odds. Let me introduce you to Babypod, a small intravaginal device that stimulates neural development in unborn babies through music.

This isn't new technology but it's definitely new to me as I never heard of such a thing before. If you don't want your kid growing up listening to Kanye, you better put one of these devices up in yourself and crank up the Metallica.

According to ABC12, after testing hundreds of pregnant women, gynecologists with Institut Marques determined the following:

    • Music applied vaginally (using Babypod) generates a response consisting of mouth and tongue movements by the fetus. These are vocalization movements similar to those made by young babies to emit sounds when learning to talk.
    • Music applied abdominally does not generate any response in babies, so presumably they do not hear it.
    • Vaginal vibration generates no response. The noise does not generate a reaction from the baby.
    • 87% of babies apparently responded.

Is this stupid? Probably but it's better to be safe than sorry when you risk having a child that isn't a rocker.


Source: Babypod/ABC12

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