If you haven't been to the movies in the past couple of months, you probably had no idea that their concessions were closed due to Michigan's COVID-19 restrictions. Hell, maybe that's the reason why you haven't been there. Much like the ban on indoor dinning, you couldn't eat or drink anything while watching a movie.

As the state lifts the ban on indoor dinning today, the same is being done for Michigan movie theaters. You can finally sit down, eat a gigantic tub of popcorn, and wash it down with an ice-cold soda.

The fact that you couldn't eat while watching a movie was so ridiculous in my opinion. I went and watched a movie prior to the indoor eating ban and it was a great experience. They did a great job keeping the theaters clean as well as keeping people separated while they sat and watched a movie. At least that was my experience at NCG in Grand Blanc.

I love going to the movies but I refuse to go if I can't have my popcorn. I'm sure a lot of people felt the same which is why they can barely stay afloat right now.

There are still safety and capacity restrictions in place but at least you go and kinda feel human again while watching a movie on the big screen.

Bowling alleys are back in action today too and can sell food and drinks again.

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