I am sure food stealing is a common occurrence in many offices, shops, garages or wherever the hell you work. One time here at the radio station, I set my lunch on the lounge table and before I knew it, a co-worker was grabbing it. I was like "hello!, that is my lunch!".

A cop in Texas is on a 30 day suspension and facing misdemeanor theft charges after fellow police officers set up a camera in their precinct lunchroom to find out who was taking food. Officer Kevin Yang is clearly visible on the tape and claims he took the food as a way to keep the fridge clean. WTF?

Just so we are clear, the food he took was not for just anyone to grab. According to Channel 9 News, some of the items he took had peoples initials on them. Has something like this ever happened to you? Or maybe you are the one who took the food?

Check out the video of the hungry cop in action below.

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