Good news for Michigan medical marijuana supporters as courts recently ruled in the favor of patients across the state.  Check out the details on the ruling that protects users across the state.

When Michigan voters decided to legalize medical marijuana, you knew there was going to be trouble.  Numerous cities and townships across the state were not as enthused about medical marijuana and were determined to arrest patients and care givers.  Recently Wyoming, Michigan adopted an ordinance outlawing medical marijuana. Patients were arrested, one of which fought the arrest all the way to Lansing, which lead to today's ruling.

A unanimous three judge appeals court ruled that all local ordinances regarding marijuana were superseded by state law and the federal ban on marijuana was not an excuse to ignore state laws.  When Michigan passed medical marijuana laws, the language in the law expressed knowledge of the federal ban, but provided a state wide exemption for cultivation and usage.  The ruling affects all cities and township statewide and is considered a huge success for the medical marijuana community.  So if you've got your card, don't worry.  Just follow the rules and regardless where you are, the police can't touch you.