People use Craigslist for just about everything; finding a place to live, a new car, a summer romance filled with infidelity! This cat from Grand Blanc is all about finding a 'Summertime Romance' even if he's 'still married by the law to Ann, but she's old news in the Snooze section.' Find out all the romantic things this guy has to offer.

His 'Man Pool' is Open

Playboy Mansion Pool

His words: "... gotta be honest with all you babes out there, I'm gettin' sick of the playboy lifestyle. I mean, I'm not ready for anything super long term, but my man pool is definitely open for business up until the end of August, maybe September, and I'd like a 100% woman who wants to take a love dip during those hot summer nights."

What we think he means: "Really, I just want one hot night with a chick and then I can move onto another..."

Just Look at Me!

Check Out My Cool Sports Car

His words: "A little about me, people say I'm a bad boy. But you can't judge a book by it's cover, just 'cause mine has a rockin' pony, complete with a 'rang. I drive a convertible sports car (you just gotta check it out) which is perfect for cruisin', sippin' G&Ts, and "more" (wink)."

What we think he means: "I'm stuck back in the 80s, I drive a convertible Trans Am complete with flying bird decal and minor rust, plus I have a few DUIs!"

I'm a Master Chef

Try My Special Sauce

His words: "I'm also a bold flavor man from way back. Whether I'm grillin' you up one of my signature steaks (complete with my special seasonings) or blowin' your mind with my world famous Bratato salad (that's my homemade mustard potato salad, with thick cut chunks of meaty Cheddarwurst mixed right in for a flavor explosion like a thousand suns. It's so money.), you'll be eatin' outta bounds, 24/7."

What we think he means: "By secret seasonings, I mean roofies!"

I'm Not Cheap

Top Shelf Marg

His words: "Also, I'm always down for a Top Shelf Marg, anytime, and I'm not stingy like Dave who will buy you a marg, but then you find out it's not Top Shelf and wanna smash his face for lyin'. If these things are to your enticement, and maybe give you the lady tingles, then let's roll, you guys."

What we think he means: "I plan on getting you drunk, very drunk so me and Dave can run the train."

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