Crossfade are back with a major bang this year, toting a new album, ‘We All Bleed,’ and a stint on the 2011 Rock Allegiance Tour with Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D., RED and Drive A.

While strong rock nuggets ‘Cold,’ ‘So Far Away’ and ‘Colors’ shot up the rock chart when Crossfade first entered the scene, the band’s new single, ‘Killing Me Inside,’ is getting all the attention right now.

Crossfade frontman Ed Sloan says the song has to do with dreams that don’t leave your cognizance.

“…As far as meaning behind the song, it’s a lot about going to sleep and having these dreams and then when you wake up and go back to life, the dreams you had haunt you throughout the day,” Sloan told Loudwire. “It’s also about being lost inside, as well. It was one of the first songs Les was writing while I was sitting there watching TV in the studio.”

As for the album's second single, Sloan says the band will go with, ‘Prove You Wrong.’

“[We're] shooting the video for ‘Prove You Wrong’ … and that will be the second single,” he said. “We’re just waiting how far ‘Killing me Inside’ goes and we’ll get that second one out there.

“‘Prove Me Wrong’ is my favorite song on the album because of where it came from in my heart. ‘Lay Me Down’ is actually my second favorite song … that song means a lot to me. I also love ‘Make Me a Believer’ — it never gets old for me. I listen to it over and over and I always find new things about it.”

The 2011 Rock Allegiance Tour hits Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Mich., Friday, Sept. 2.