Canadian riff-rockers Danko Jones are offering up free downloads of six songs spanning their entire recording career. You can get free copies of 'First Date', 'I Think Bad Thoughts', and more right here.

Danko Jones has received national attention with their latest record 'Below the Belt', but want to let you know their old stuff is pretty good too.  So instead of just throwing the conventional one or two songs from the latest record on a free download, Danko is including songs from each era of their back catalog  in the six-song downloadable bundle.

Tracks include:

  • 'Bounce' (from 2001's 'I'm Alive and On Fire')
  • 'Lovercall' (from 2002's  'Born A Lion')
  • 'Forget My Name' (from 2003's 'We Sweat Blood')
  • 'First Date' (from 2006's 'Sleep is the Enemy)
  • 'Code of the Road' (from 2008's 'Never Too Loud')
  • 'I Think Bad Thoughts' (from 2010's 'Below the Belt')