Dave Grohl has been known to show up and beat the skins for different bands from time to time. His latest guest spot has him working with members of Ratt on a project that is currently being kept under wraps, kind of.

Dave Grohl was in one of the biggest rock bands (if not THE biggest) of the 90's with Nirvana, in the mid 2000's his other band Foo Fighters became one of the biggest rock bands of that decade -- a trend which has carried over into this one as well. Now Dave is attempting historical dominance by working with members of one of the biggest rock groups of the 80's. Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy dished on the project via Twitter:

"Warren and I are recording an original song (Grohl song idea open to Ratt madness). Not for a Ratt record. We’ll let [Dave] tell you about it when he’s ready."

Along with the news of the unusual collaboration, Pearcy posted photographic evidence of the event -- a pic of himself, Grohl, and guitarist Warren De Martini (which you can see above). This is the second unknown project involving Grohl that we've reported on recently, it's also rumored that he's working on a documentary about Sound City Studios in California. Perhaps the two projects are connected somehow -- we'll let you know as soon as we do.

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