Dave Grohl has written a letter to the Cornwall city council on behalf of a local teen metal band that’s been prohibited from practicing in their parents’ garage due to a noise ordinance.

“Like many musicians, I started in a garage in my neighborhood,” Grohl wrote. ”Together with friends, my adolescent years were made better by playing music with others.”

The English band, Black Leaves of Envy, which is comprised of brothers Cerys and Dylan Plenty and their friends Adam Jones and Lewis Cunningham (all between ages 15 and 17), wrote Grohl a letter explaining their dilemma. The band hasn’t been able to practice in three months ever since the local city council ordered they turn their volume down to 30 or 40 decibels (which Grohl points out is equivalent to “a dishwasher at 15 meters distance” -- not very metal at all).

The Plenty brothers’ father, Andrew Plenty, suggested the city council’s order was biased due to his children’s choice in music. “We’re quite frustrated by the whole thing,” he told the Plymouth Herald. “I would suggest, if they were playing jazz in the garage, it would not be a problem. We only have one immediate neighbor and they have not complained. The other houses are a farmer’s field away.”’

Grohl has now lent a helping hand, writing a letter imploring the city council to reverse its decision. “For the sake of your local band Black Leaves of Envy, and for the generations of young musicians that they may eventually inspire, I ask that you reconsider the restrictions put upon the volume of their private rehearsal space,” the Foo Fighters leader wrote. “I believe that in doing so, you will be sending a message that Cornwall is not only a home to music and the arts, but a place that encourages children to follow their dreams in a world where anything is possible."

Grohl even threw in some tips for sound-proofing rehearsal spaces.

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