We thought things might get ugly when we put two bands in the Flint Town Throwdown who have some bad blood between them and it did. Flint metal band Deadringer has assembled an attack ad against their competition this week, A Sleepless Malice. The feud could have to do with A Sleepless Malice's lineup, which once featured a former member of Deadringer, or it could all just be in good fun. We're really not sure at this point.

Much like the recent Presidential campaign, trying to persuade voters sometimes gets messy. We just want to be clear that the views and statements made in the below video are not those of the Banana. We do not play favorites with local bands, we love them all. But we also don't mind throwing a little fuel on the fire to make things interesting. So regardless of what you think of the attack ad, check out both band's tunes and place your vote according to what really matters -- their music.