There are a ton of hateful, and misinformed comments being spewed at Flint in the wake of the water crisis. Instead of replying to these a-holes one by one -- I'll save some time and effort by simultaneously addressing them all, here.

The very strong opinions expressed within this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of Banana 101.5, Townsquare Media, or their advertisers.

For well over a decade, Flint has been a punching bag for trolls and national media alike when it comes to crime and poverty. Most people from Flint have thick skin when it comes to these things, and we do our best in spite of all the noise. We're used to all of that trash, and it fades into the background for most of us.

Now there is an even more serious crisis facing our city. A problem we did not ask for. One we did not bring on ourselves. One that has jeopardized the futures of our children, and may not be over for years to come... maybe decades. None of those statements can be argued, but the misinformed, the hateful, and the straight-up garbage human beings have cracking jokes about this like they do with any of the other negative Flint headlines. These scumbags are actually trying to kick us when we're down, and have no problem letting that be known on social media. In fact, they seem proud of it.

In the past, I would just laugh these anti-Flint comments off, but god dammit, lately they've been making my blood boil. Go ahead, make fun of us for crime. Make fun of us for poverty if you must, but shut your mouth about the Flint water crisis.

If you're just now getting into the story and don't know the facts -- shut up. If you're using this to push some political agenda -- shut up. If you're saying that we deserve this sort of treatment -- don't shut up. In fact, get off of Facebook, grab a megaphone, come to Downtown Flint, and say that s*** out loud. You'll find out who deserves what pretty quickly. And just like that... my anger got me away from the point of this article.

I started writing this to respond to several types of infuriating, anti-Flint comments I've been seeing on social media. Instead of wasting a bunch of my time responding to all of these garbage humans -- I figured I could address them here and try to wash my hands of it. Even if no one reads this, I need to do this for myself. So before I get on another tirade -- here are some of the most ignorant Flint Water Crisis comments I've seen and my response to them:

Deal With It

So children deserve to be poisoned because they're born in Flint?

Worse City?

Maybe focus on learning to use English properly instead of on what you think is going on in Flint. We have a better chance of being a great city than you have of knowing the difference between their, there, and they're.

Run Down Nasty City

If only your mother had given up on bringing you into this world so easily. Just my opinion.

Blame Flint

That outsider is the only "1%" you should be worried about. Maybe he'll "fix" your city next. Then you can argue who deserves the blame.

Armpit of Michigan

There is nothing perfect about this situation. Also, what's up with those randomly-placed quotes? Do you not believe that we actually have children?


Just Move

Most people don't have the option of just packing up their lives and moving. Duhhhh.

Snyder Saved Flint

I hope someone "saves" your face.

Let Flint Die

Since I'm already making a few stops, tell your mom to buy some more rubbers and get me a 40. I'll be over shortly.