Amid record high inflation in the U.S., Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider has partnered with T-Mobile as part of the wireless network's "Carrier Callout" to oppose cell plan rate hikes by competitors such as AT&T and Verizon. The rock singer took to the street in Times Square on Tuesday (July 12) to sing Twisted Sister's classic "We're Not Gonna Take It" in protest.

T-Mobile launched the Carrier Callout campaign to assure existing customers and entice those looking to switch plans in times of rising prices. T-Mobile offers a "Price Lock" that the company said in a statement gives customers "peace of mind their price won't go up."

Watch video from the protest below.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Snider said he had fun being a T-Mobile partner and "letting those other wireless carriers know we aren't going to take their rate increases!"

Earlier this week, he warned, "Last year I was railing against AT&T for how they were treating me after being a customer for 2 decades! The gave me zero response & before switching services I swore I wasn't finished."

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said in May, "Inflation shouldn’t be an excuse to jack up prices just because you can get away with it. But that's the carriers’ way. T-Mobile is here to help our customers battle inflation by not adding to the stress of price hikes."

At the protest on Tuesday, demonstrators surrounding Snider carried pink T-Mobile-branded signs with slogans including "We're Not Gonna Take It!" and "Say 'No' to Phone-Flation." The demonstration was organized by T-Mobile and was not an organic protest.

Snider's solo album Leave a Scar emerged last year.

Dee Snider Participates in T‑Mobile's Carrier Callout - July 12, 2022

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