Holiday gimmicks, chances are you've seen 'em all. Seems like every holiday season someone tries to cook up another video, meme, or post to get you feeling festive. But in today's world with so many different sources of media it's kind of hard to please the masses. But this guy may have the trick to put all of us all in a merry mood. How, you ask? Explosions! Everyone loves explosions. So what are we blowing up? Det cord (Short for “Detonating” not “Detroit”, although they should use it for that too.) Anyway, this dude decides to spool it out into the shape of a Christmas tree and the blow it up. Now, while it may seem very anticlimactic when it does explode wait for the slow motion replay; which comes about 2:54 in, that's the money shot and will have you feeling all kinds of holiday spirit.