It was a rough morning for a 50-year-old man in Detroit on Tuesday.

Police say that the Detroit man spotted a cockroach across the room. Being wheelchair bound, the man decided to throw something at the cockroach in an attempt to kill it or scare it away. The 50-year-old man decided to hurl his shoe across the room at the cockroach, but he forgot one important detail when he did. His revolver was still in his shoe. After the toss, the revolver his the ground, discharged and shot the man in the foot.

Having lived in Mississippi for a chunk of my childhood, I am well aware of those nasty little creatures. While bugs are a nuisance everywhere in the world, I hate cockroaches more than any other bugs out there. I don't blame the man for trying to kill the damn thing, but bro! It's never a good idea to try and pistol whip a bug from across the room.

Source: MLive