A woman in Detroit was so fed up with her neighbors dog pooping in her front yard, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The neighbor in question is Brenda Mullins. According to reports, Mullins was angry that her neighbors for letting their dog walk over and poop in her yard and then not clean up after the dog. She finally had enough, picked up the poop and smeared it on the neighbors door handle.

The neighbor, Michael Smith, is understandably upset and has said the Mullins has not even tried to talk to him about the problem.

It doesn't matter whose side you are on in this dispute, because I think we can all agree that we would be upset in the neighbors dogs crapped in our yard. How you handle the situation from there can go so many ways. Personally, Brenda Mullins is my new hero for doing that. You can watch the video here. 

Source: WNEM