If you were planning on heading to Detroit to ring in the new year at the annual 'The Drop' event, you better make some new plans.

According to The Detroit Free Press and organizers, it's pretty much impossible to bring the logistics together fast enough in light of increased winter activities downtown. In particular, events such as the pop-up lodges made it tough to find enough room for the event.

Don't freak out just yet as organizers do plan to bring the event back next year.

Have I been living under a rock or something? Honestly, I've never heard of 'The Drop'. I guess its never really been on my radar since we do our own New Year's Eve events right here in Flint. It's on plenty of other people's radar though as their peak year was in  2016 with over 36,000 attendees.

I guess you'll just have to change your plans and join us in downtown Flint for The Flinttown Countdown.