When we interviewed Deuce and his bandmate / engineer Jimmy Yuma, we touched upon the inevitable topic of women. Deuce is set to be part of the Uproar Festival this year in August with Staind, Shinedown and Godsmack among others, and he and Yuma will surely encounter their share of female fans.

So, when we asked what type of women they like, they had some very interesting things to say.

What are the qualities you look for in a woman?

Jimmy Yuma: She has to be smart, that’s it.

Deuce: I have a couple prerequisites, but I don’t ever get them. I like dark black hair – I just like chicks that are fun, that are having a good time…

Jimmy Yuma: And are over 15 or 16…

Deuce: Over 15. Yeah chicks that are just cute and fun and aren’t too serious. Once a chick is too serious – I’m not into serious chicks. A serious and angry chick is the biggest turnoff. Guys can be serious and guys can be angry but when girls get angry and serious – it’s a turnoff.

Jimmy Yuma: Sometimes if they’re angry, it works, for me. It just depends on the type of angry.

Deuce: If they’re angry after a day of work and they’re washing the dishes and then they’re gonna f— you afterwards, then that works.

Jimmy Yuma: [Laughs] That stressful s— is hot as f—. That s— could turn me on for days, dude.

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