If the Republican or Democratic candidates don’t really tickle your fancy when it comes to the presidential election this year, perhaps you can cast your vote for Deuce. The rockin’ rhyme-slinger has officially declared his candidacy for president while also revealing his new video for ‘I Came to Party.’

According to a press release, the Deuce For President campaign was started with a grassroots effort by die-hard fans. “I’m bringing the party back to the people,” said Deuce. “It’s all about partying without a cause: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit to Party.”

His latest campaign ad comes in the form of a celebratory video for his new single ‘I Came To Party’ off of his debut record ‘Nine Lives.’ The video is directed by Nathan Cox and features the Millionaires.

Not to mention Deuce, being a man for the people by the people, reached out to his fans via Facebook to invite fans to come and party with him for the video at a club L.A.

In our exclusive interview with Deuce, when he was asked about shooting the video for ‘I Came To Party’ he teased, “It was fun but I don’t want to talk about it too much, it’s a surprise for everybody out there.” Luckily Deuce fans no longer have to wait for the surprise.

Watch Deuce’s Video for ‘I Came To Party’

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