New findings about the water samples the Flint Water Department provided to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality point to a cover-up.

Something smells fishy, and it ain't the water (although that stinks too). In light of all of our recent water issues, the Flint Water Department was supposed to provide a certain amount of samples of city water to the MDEQ for testing. They were informed that some of the samples they had initially turned in tested for elevated levels of lead. However, the remainder of the samples that were turned in were all clear, thus bringing down the red flag and making the elevated samples look like a freak occurence as oppose to a widespread problem. End of story, right? Unfortunately, we all know that it's not.

In an interview on our sister station, Flint's News Talk 1470am WFNT, Curtis Guyette of the ACLU revealed that there are some suspicious trends in the addresses from which the water department pulled samples. Like how 7 of the samples came from a street that recently had a water main replaced (new pipes = no lead problems) and 7 other samples came from city employees. Did they cherrypick the locations and use samples they knew would not show dangerous levels of lead contamination even though they knew it was a problem? Listen to the interview above for yourself and decide.