Did you know that NCG Cinemas is actually a Michigan company?

Over the last 10 to 20 years, NCG Cinemas have been popping up all over Michigan. However, the company has been around a lot longer than that and got its start in good ole Owosso, Michigan.

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A man by the name of Gary Geiger built what would soon become the first theater and headquarters for NCG Cinemas in the 1980s. That first multiplex theater was built in downtown Owosso. Shortly after the first theater opened, Geiger branched out into the Flint market with the purchase of Clio Cinemas. In 1992, the holdings were consolidated into Neighborhood Cinema Group and also included theaters in Alma, Greenville, Midland, Lapeer, and Coldwater.

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After the turn of the century, NCG Cinemas continued to grow by opening theaters in Lansing, Grand Blanc Township, and other areas in Michigan. In 2005, NCG opened its first out-of-state theater in Auburn, Indiana, and continued to grow from there.

Currently, NCG Cinemas operate 25 different locations across the country, with 10 located in Michigan. Moviegoers can now also find NCG theaters in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Combined, NCG Cinemas runs a total of 147 screens across the country.

Where can I find an NCG Cinema theater in Michigan?

NCG Cinema theaters can be found in the following Michigan cities:

  • Alma Cinemas
    • 3002 W. Monroe Street in Alma
  • Battle Creek @ Lakeview Square
    • 5775 Beckley Road in Battle Creek
  • Coldwater Cinema
    • 414 N. Willowbrook Road in Coldwater
  • Grand Blanc @ Trillium
    • 8220 Trillium Circle Avenue in Grand Blanc
  • Greenville Cinemas
    • 1500 N. Lafayette in Greenville
  • Lansing Cinema @ Eastwood Towne Center
    • 2500 Showtime Drive Eastwood Towne Center in Lansing
  • Lapeer Cinemas
    • 1650 DeMille Road in Lapeer
  • Midland Cinemas
    • 6540 Cinema Drive in Midland
  • Owosso Cinemas
    • 314 E. Comstock in Owosso
    • This is also the headquarters for NCG Cinemas

NCG Cinemas is also hosting their Free Holiday Family Film Fest starting this weekend at all locations. To learn more, click here. 

Source: Wikipedia

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