Avengers fans assemble! (Specifically in Anaheim.)

That’s the site of Avengers Campus, the first-ever theme park land ever built around Marvel’s The Avengers. After years of development and construction — not to mention about 12 months when Disneyland was completely closed due to the coronavirus pandemic — Disney has finally announced an opening date for the new area: June 4, 2021 at Disney’s California Adventure Park. (It was originally scheduled to debut some time in the summer of 2020.)

You can read a full rundown of what the new area contains at Disney Parks Blog. The main new ride when Avengers Campus opens is “Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure,” which “invites you to put your web-slinging skills to the test and experience what it’s like to have powers alongside Spider-Man – a feat accomplished with innovative technology adapted specifically for this attraction, perfect for up-and-coming recruits of all ages.” The ride features Tom Holland in his role as Spider-Man.

There’s also a “Pym Test Kitchen” restaurant where “you will be able to savor such items as the Impossible plant-based large and micro meatballs with pasta, or the “Pym-ini,” a panini served by the slice or as a long, multi-portion sandwich.” In honor of the famous scene from The Avengers, there’s also a Shawarma Palace, along with meet and greets with characters like “Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, the Dora Milaje, Black Widow, Ant-Man and The Wasp, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and even villains like Loki.”

Here are a few new images of the park:

And here’s the first video from inside the new area:

While some of Avengers Campus debuts in June, what will likely big the most in-demand attraction in the entire land, an Avengers Quinjet simulator ride, will open at some unspecified point in the future. Disney’s learned well from Marvel; you’ve always got to keep the audience hooked with the promise of some big new thing coming soon.

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