When you go to a concert most of the acts come on stage and they usually tend to jump up and down to get the crowd hyped up for the show right?

Some DJ was doing just that during a small local show this past weekend which seems to be at a fair or a small outdoor venue. Let's just say he made his intro into his show into a magic act really quickly by disappearing into the stage. Yes, the guy fell through the stage. This is one of those epic fail videos that I just can't stop watching. Paid for a concert and got a magic act. So let the jokes fly.

Go break a leg. Hope the stage was ok. Talk about underground music. The stage has spoken and your set was crap and now its time to go. The guy was ok and I'm sure he will continue to perform. But the next show I guarantee he is going to check the stage.


Source: Find Out News Via YouTube

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