I am not what you would call a handy person. The extent of any building projects or home repairs for me involves a telephone call to a professional. If you are do it yourself kind of person, maybe you should try making your own wood fired hot tub. 

I think this is so clever and creative. Constructing something like this would never even have crossed my mind - until now. I saw this in the Lasco Press and thought it was super cool. Although it is clearly not a top notch tub, it will do the job and it has a cool throw back look to it.

According to the Homemade-Modern website, you can build this beauty for roughly $250. Obviously the price can fluctuate if you cut a few corners or increase if you build a bigger tub. I think this is so cool for an up north cabin or hell, put one in your front yard and give the neighborhood something to talk about.

If you build one, let me know. I can't help with construction, but I will bring over some tequila when the water is warm.

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