If you're looking for a story with a happy ending, you found it.

Our Michigan hero of the week goes to Michigan DNR conservation officer Jeff Ginn who saved a lab mix rescue named Cody.

This past Tuesday Ginn was notified about the missing dog and jumped into action right away. After launching his patrol vessel, it only took about an hour before he located the dog. Cody had slipped on an icy hill and fell off a 100-foot cliff along the Muskegon River.

Cody was cold and wet but somehow he was okay, probably just a little scared and sore. Officer Ginn put Cody in his patrol truck to warm him up and the rest is history.

Cody is now happy and recovering from the incident with his owner.

Michigan DNR Facebook:

Meet Cody! Cody was reported missing on Tuesday after falling about 100-feet off a cliff in Newaygo along the Muskegon River. Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Jeff Ginn was notified about the missing dog Wednesday morning and launched his patrol vessel to search for Cody. About one hour later, Officer Ginn located Cody, cold and wet, and transported him back to the patrol truck. Cody was able to warm up and be happily reunited with his family.

Way to go Jeff Ginn!

I think we definitely needed a story with a happy ending.

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