I will start by saying, the dog didn't actually pick up a gun and pull the trigger on his owner but he did hit the trigger which put a bullet in his leg.

According to WNEM, an Iowa man and his dog were roughhousing on Wednesday when the dog inadvertently shot him. The 51-year-old was playing with his dog, Balew, on the couch and tossed the dog off his lap. He says when the pit bull-Labrador mix bounded back up, he must have disabled the safety on the gun in his belly band and stepped on the trigger. The gun went off and sent a bullet through his leg. The guy was alright, he was treated at the hospital and released on the same day.

Apparently, the dog felt really bad about his actions and laid down next to his owner and cried because he thought he did something bad. Well, he did, but it was an accident.

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