The robot takeover has taken another step. Dominos Pizza has begun testing self-driving delivery cars in Houston, Texas.

Dominos Pizza has partnered with Nuro, a California based robotics company, to begin testing pizza delivery with a robot car. Nuro, also tested a self-driving program in Ann Arbor back in 2017. The company used a Ford Fusion Hybrid for those tests.

During the 2017 tests, there was a safety engineer in the car. The customers were text messaged a special code to unlock the compartment that contained their pizza. The Houston tests will work just about the same way with the unlock codes. Customers will also be able to track the autonomous car through GPS on the Dominos app.

Personally, I hope these tests are positive. I would love to have the opportunity to try this in Michigan. Soon, I won't even have to leave the house on the weekends and that will be glorious!

Source: MLive

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