A picture of an article is traveling around the internet saying we could see a Bass Pro Shop, a new food court and more by this time next year. 

This is the only article I had seen on this topic and when I googled it nothing else came up. I didn't really know what was going on, because I know how tricky the internet can be and that I can't always believe everything floating around. It doesn't say where this article is from, just who wrote it, and my Facebook search of Dianna Sanders led me to no one relevant to this topic.

Trusty Tree (who is highly skilled at spotting fake internet news stories) also did some searching, and came up with no facts to support this story, so we figured it was false. If it were true, there would have been a lot more publicity around the expansion. What we did know is that there are a lot of people sharing this post that would possibly be disappointed next September.

UPDATE: I spoke with Robert Perani on Facebook to get the truth. Not to be confused with Bob Perani, Robert Perani is the son of Bob who passed in 2012. Knowing that Bob is short for Robert, I thought well maybe this Dianna Sanders lady was talking to Robert. Nope. Robert confirmed with me that this story it totally bogus.  Damned Internet tricksters strike again. I'm sorry to break the news to you my friends, but this is simply not happening. Please share this story with anyone you see posting the picture on their page.

Andrea Love - Townsquare Media
Andrea Love - Townsquare Media


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