With all the nasty weather Michiganders are enduring this week, we figured it would be a good time for a friendly reminder of the state's rules on snow-covered vehicles.

How many times have you witnessed someone driving down the road with only a small patch of snow or ice removed from their windshield? Just enough that they can see only what's in front of them. In Michigan, we see it all the time. Are you one of these people?

We get it, sometimes people are late for work and they just don't have that extra five minutes to let their car warm up.

While it may seem like it's no big deal, it can very dangerous.

Is it Against the Law to Drive With Ice and Snow on Your Windshield?

Simply put, yes, it is against the law to drive with snow and ice on your windshield if it impairs your vision or if it puts other drivers at risk.

That ice and snow could easily slide up your windshield and into the air, ultimately slamming down on other cars around you.

According to WILX, Michigan is one of 11 states that prohibit driving a vehicle without clearing snow from it. This includes headlights, your roof, taillights, brake lights, and all exterior lights.

closeup of man cleaning snow from car

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If caught, you could end up getting a hefty fine, especially if you cause an accident.

Give yourself some extra time and clean off that vehicle.

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