The Pistons started the season with a win and record breaking performances from Andre Drummond and Luke Kennard.

Detroit looked good last night against the Pacers, and got good production from pretty much every spot on the floor. They ended up with a 119-110 win over Indiana, but the big story was the night Andre Drummond had.

The Pistons center became the first Piston ever to open a season with at least 30 points and 20 rebounds in a season opener.

That's pretty impressive. The big man clearly came ready to keep all of his critics quiet to start the season.

Luke Kennard also set a personal scoring record with 30 points, even catching the eye of D Rose.

Speaking of Rose, he put in 18 points and was a major part of Detroit's win.

Keep in mind that the Pistons are playing without Blake Griffin to start the season. I'm not saying that they are going to contend for a championship or anything, but if they can play at this level they are going to surprise a lot of people.

Most fans are expecting the Pistons to squeak into the playoffs and get swept in the first round. I'm going to say it right now that IF (and that is a major if) the team can stay healthy, they will be a 5 seed or better in the playoffs and there is a 0% chance they get swept.


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