We all have friends that make bets, but when its time to pay up they don't remember making the bet, right? Not this guy.

Fantasy football it is supposed to be fun... Especially if you're in a league with some friends. There is usually a lot of trash-talking and friendly wagers involved in those kind of leagues. The losing team having to get a dumb tattoo, walk through the mall with an embarrassing sign, or even having to name their child "Chalupa Batman" are not uncommon consequences if FX's 'The League' is to be believed. Taking that into consideration, spending 24 hours in a Waffle House seems like a reasonable penance to pay.

That is what one dude had to do as his team finished in last place for his fantasy football season. Cyrus Wittig was a man of his word and did his time. His buddies were kind enough to give him an out though -- for every waffle he ate, an hour was to come off the time. No problem, right? Yeah, okay.

I've done something like this in the past but with nutty doughnuts, and I feel for this dude. He served his time with a total of 11 waffles in 12 hours. Hats off to ya, bro. That doesn't sound fun at all. I'm sure next year he will do everything he can not to finish in dead last.

Source: thedad.com

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