On Wednesday, the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show played the final round of Dumber Than The Show Trivia until July 15th.

Listener Jason was up to the task against Hot Wings for a $300 pot. Check out the video to see who won and what the pot will be when they get back from vacation.

The guys will be on vacation until July 15th. Until then you can catch the best of the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show each morning.

The questions were:

  1. The Cassini Division separates the A and B rings of what planet?
  2. Broccoli, Turnips, and Cabbage are all related to this plant whose seeds become a common condiment?
  3. What group, first named "The Pendletons," included brothers Brian, Dennis, and Carl?
  4. Each cacoon used for what fabric has a continuous filament that can be over three quarters of a mile long?
  5. What is the term for anxiety an infant may experience when removed from its' mother?

Source: FBHW

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