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Before the pandemic came along, we used to question people with so much time on their hands that they would make a 10-minute video performing part of every Korn song, in chronological order, on guitar and drums. But, now, it seems perfectly natural — what else is there to do?

YouTuber Szymon Walak celebrated the first day of 2021 by demonstrating how much work he put in over the past year. Even with all the preparation and video editing tools in the world, this is a Herculean stunt and he demonstrates utmost discipline as a riff jukebox of this caliber.

"I've been making this video for two months," said Walak in the video's description. He also noted the significance of Korn's music, having stated, "Korn changed my life and this is a tribute to them."

The multi-instrumentalist conveniently annotated the video with timestamps corresponding to the start of the riff rundown of each Korn record, so you can jump right to your favorite records and see which riffs made the cut.

Our only wish is that Walak dubbed this a Khronology — or Kornology. Whichever, we aren't picky.

Watch this impressive Korn tribute below and follow Walak on YouTube and Instagram.

If you're looking for some covers by Korn rather than of Korn, they recently performed Alice in Chains' "Would?" at a Seattle Museum of Pop Culture's Founders Award livestream show in honor of the Seattle grunge metal icons. They covered "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" with Yelawolf a couple weeks after original artist Charlie Daniels died.

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