If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I freaking hate mosquitos.

Unfortunately for those living in mid-Michigan, those blood-sucking bastards are going to be especially bad this season due to all the flooding.

According to ABC12, in the aftermath of the floods that left Mid-Michigan battered, bruised and inundated with standing water, mosquitoes have seen their habitats expand massively. For now, Mosquito Control’s strategy looks as it might in an ordinary season: crews treating water to the extent that they can and specialized fogger trucks, which target these tiny titans at night when they’re most vulnerable.

Carl Doud of Midland Co. Mosquito Control says:

"The eggs are already out there.” Some folks don’t realize it doesn’t require mosquitoes to come find the water. The eggs are already out there, all it needs is a flooding situation.”


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I've already noticed swarms of mosquitos at my place when the sun goes down and they are freaking hungry. Granted, there is a pond and a swamp that sit relatively close to my house so those bloodsuckers are bad every year, but this year is already shaping up to be an even uglier one.

I do feel bad for those living in the Midland area though. First, they have to deal with COVID-19, then get hit with catastrophic flooding which ultimately leads to a worse than usual mosquito season.

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