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Who says you can't treat your skin while displaying your devotion to all things dark? Now it's actually possible thanks to Kaamos Cosmetics who have launched a pre-sale crowdfunding campaign for their new Corpse Paint facial mask.

Show your pores some love while still sporting that demonic look that sends shivers down the spines who don't worship at the alter of death metal.

These facial masks are vegan and cruelty free with original make-up designs by JP Ahonen. The founder of these Corpse Paint facial masks is Milla Niskakoski, who has also created Corpse Paint Soaps inspired by her favorite metal legends. She shares more about her facial masks and the campaign in the video posted below.

Milla Niskakoski Promotes Kaamos Cosmetics Corpse Paint Facial Masks

The mask sheet material is 100 percent natural tencel and will be available in both Green Tea and Rice Bran mask options or packaged together.

Pre-orders are currently being taken at this location with exclusive campaign prices for a limited time. The crowdfunding period will last through April 18 with the expected delivery period to take place in August and September this year.

Kaamos Cosmetics
Kaamos Cosmetics

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