I think we are all familiar with rules. Some rules make sense, some not so much. This particular case is the later.

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According to the Tri County Times, LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Ram in Fenton will not be allowed to display fifty five American flags on the dealership grounds. The plan was to hang the flags on light posts, but apparently that is a no go in the city of Fenton.

Say what?

It's true. Per the Tri-County Times, flags are defined as signs and each business is allowed to have up to three flag poles with up to two flags on each. A flag attached to a light post would become a pole sign, which is not allowed in the city of Fenton. Confused? Me too. I tried to find exactly where that is spelled out on the City of Fenton Ordinance website, but I gave up. The ordinance covers everything from flags to balloons. If you want to read more on the subject, click here.

I understand that rules and or ordinances need to be in place, however when it comes to the American flag - there should be an exception. I live in Fenton and absolutely love it, however this is lame and hopefully the ordinance will be amended.

If you want to know the real flag problem in Fenton, it's my next door neighbor. There is some damn piece on her flag pole that clangs like crazy when it is windy out. Believe me when I tell you the noise drives me absolutely insane.

Can I get someone from the city to help me with that? Happy Fourth of July.

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