If there is one thing I know about strippers, it's that they love money.  If there is another thing I know about strippers, it's that they hate each other.  Check out this story of a stripper riot that is likely going to cost one man an eyeball.


Going to the strip club can be a great time, until someone loses an eye.  That's what happened at a Houston strip club, Hot Bodies, when a dressing room brawl wound up out on the dance floor.

There is no word on why the strippers were brawling, but I have to assume it was about stolen clothes, stolen money, stolen make up or stolen drugs.  As the group of girls made their way to the main stage, one girl, Victoria Perez threw her high heel shoe and ended up hitting a man directly in they eye.

The fight was caught on camera and Perez told police that she may have been the one who threw the shoe.  Considering how the heel was used, Perez may be looking at charges including assault with a deadly weapon. She is currently being help with a bail of $50,000.

Source:CBS Houston