Five Finger Death Punch lead vocalist Ivan Moody is a man of many talents. But one thing he'd like to improve upon is his novice-level guitar playing. In a new web series from the F8 rockers, Guitar Zero: Legends of the Fail, viewers are treated to a hilarious look at the rock singer attempting to do just that.

For the first episode of the series, Moody sends out a call to a musician pal, Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell. Catching the shredder as he's performing routine maintenance on his own instrument, the Five Finger Death Punch singer tries to convince the Hellyeah member to help him out on the axe.

But things don't turn out quite how one might expect. Watch the funny video down toward the bottom of this post.

"You're one of the greats, man, and I've known you for fucking years," Moody tells Maxwell before requesting his assistance. "I'm trying to learn how to play the fucking guitar. Dude, I'm so unsuccessful at this — I'm failing epically. So I was hoping maybe I could talk you into giving me a couple of lessons."

Drawing a boisterously shocked expression from the FFDP frontman, however, is the guitarist's matter-of-fact reply.

"I think that's a fucking terrible, terrible idea, dude," Maxwell responds. "I don't think you're cut out for it, man. It's just too complicated, you know what I mean it? There's … strings, and you gotta learn out to tune it. Shit, you know, it takes a lifetime just to learn how to fuckin' hold a guitar pick."

The Hellyeah guitarist adds, "You got tiny-ass fingers, dude. What if you drop your pick?"

Bolstering the humor of the exchange is the canned laughter that accompanies the musicians' chat. Oh, well. Maybe Moody will find someone to teach him the guitar in the next entry of Guitar Zero.

The first episode arrived Wednesday (May 13), as Five Finger Death Punch — along with most other musicians — hunker down at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. In answer to the health crisis, Moody has donated hand sanitizer to vets and the band has given a large donation to first responders.

Five Finger Death Punch, Guitar Zero: Legends of the Fail (Episode 1)

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