I know everyone is begging for more political, murder, or Flint water posts, but it's been harsh on the internet lately...and I like to laugh. 


#5. Heavy Metal Cat Compilation

I like dogs way more than cats, but there are some pretty funny cat videos out there. This one made me giggle.

#4. Two jackrabbits fighting like grown men.

Look at these two little scrappy fellas! They're moving sooo fast, it's worthy of a chuckle.

#3. Audio of a person laughing hysterically mixed with video of a lion roaring.

Ok, so this one made me laugh out loud several times...like ten times in a row at least.

#2. The emergency monkeys fail.

As the caption says, I don't know what's going on either, but these are the kinds of things in life that I wish happened while I was there in person.


#1. Guy meets a goat and a lama and loses his mind.

I feel so excited for this guy! Just listen to the amazement and pure happiness in his voice when he makes two new unlikely friends!

There is a lot of craziness going on in the world right now, so I just had to lighten the mood a bit. If you're reading this - I hope you find a reason to laugh, even if you thought all of these videos were dumb.

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