Flint Mayor, Sheldon Neeley declared a Coronavirus State of Emergency Thursday.

The declaration is more about preparing for Coronavirus than anything else. Neeley said that it will make getting extra funds from the state and federal government easier. Neeley has already asked the state for more resources to combat the spread of Coronavirus according to Mlive.

Neeley didn't specify the amount that the city is asking for, but did address Flint getting our share of the federal money.

We need additional resources from the county, state and federal government. Money has been dispatched to the state of Michigan. We are not asking for more than what’s needed

Mayor Neeley also talked about stopping any water shutoffs, and even turning water back on for customers that have been cut off. The move makes sense considering one of the main tactics to fight the spread of Coronavirus is washing.

Going forward Mayor Neeley is cancelling any meetings that may have more than 30 people attending, which may effect city council meetings.

This is all new territory for everyone, and it's good to see our area leaders being so proactive in dealing with the virus.

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