While surfing the worldwide information superhighway today, I saw something that made me do a double take -- Flint brand crackers. Yes, that's correct. A company specializing in digestible products intentionally named their brand "Flint."

It's not every day that you see a non-local company named Flint. In fact -- it's not any day for most of us. Ever since the water crisis hit, even the surrounding communities are looking to distance themselves from us. Yeah, I'm looking at you "Carman Hills." At least you guys could've opted for a less preposterous name, like Valley Township. [Deep sigh] I digress...

This company is based in Kyrgyzstan (I think), so people mistakenly associating them with the Flint water crisis probably isn't an issue for their business. They've been around since 2002, and sell several flavors of what they call "baked bread snacks." They kind of look like long croutons that are flavored like Doritos, but are billed as "wheat rye crackers" overseas.

There's not a ton of info about the company outside of their Instagram page, where they posted nothing but Star Wars stuff from November until March. That's one hell of a cross-promotion. They have flavors like Salami, Italian Pizza, Mexican Burrito, American Burger, Cheese, Krab, and more. If you're ever in Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, or Georgia (the country, not the state) pick us up a bag, won't you?

In what seems like a joke in poor taste now, their slogan back in 2005 was "Flint -- taste that you can't hold." Too soon, guys. Way too soon.

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