It's a title that Flint has held before and, unless things change soon, will hold for years to come. That's right, we're once again the most violent large city in America.

MLive reports that Flint, Michigan will likely top the FBI's list of the most dangerous large city in America once again. According to the data from the first six months of  2012, Flint reported more crime per capita than any other city that has over 100,000 residents. Our neighbors in Detroit grabbed the number two spot, trailing Flint by a sizable 40% margin.

With nearly 1,400 violent crimes reported in the first half of 2012, Flint's powers that be have a lot of work ahead of them to lower the crime rate. Governor Snyder recently showed support for Mayor Dayne Walling's public safety plan, which includes re-opening the city lockup and increased traffic stops.

Many have debated whether Walling's plan will be effective, but having a city jail seems like it would be a pivotal tool in fighting crime. It would provide law enforcement a place to get 53 more criminals off the street, if only for a few hours. Hell, those are hours that they're not out robbing and shooting people.

What do you think Flint needs to do to lower crime?