Let's just say things in Flint, Michigan aren't looking too bright thus far in 2017.

When you're not paying attention, it's easy to take amazing things for granted. Nachos, underboob, the musical stylings of Richard Cheese. All of them easily overlooked, but essential to the quality of one's life. Only in their complete absence do you begin to realize how much they complete you, and how you're a mere shell of your former self now that they're gone. Arguably landing higher on that list is that big fiery orb in the sky known as the sun.

Think about all the fun you've had in the sun over the years. All the great times behind the grill, swimming in the pool, cracking a beer with your buds at the lake. Yep, the sun was there through all of it. Now think about the last time you saw the sun. Not as easy to remember, huh? That's because it's barely been visible this past month.

According to MLive, Flint -- and all of Michigan, really -- had an unusually cloudy month to kick off 2017. Flint has had just three sunny days. Our winters are usually pretty gray, but only three days of sun? And you thought 2016 sucked.

Luckily, we weren't as bad off as the rich kid up the block, Grand Rapids, who saw a mere 2056 minutes of sun in January, and haven't had a clear day since mid-November.

It's a little early to be calling for the end of winter, but would a few hours of sunlight a day be too much to ask? Someone hurry up and start a GoFundMe account to buy some sunlight -- I got five on it.

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