A couple of Flint pastors recently shared their thoughts after watching the Netflix series 'Flint Town'. If you've been living under a rock, the series reveals the day-to-day-struggle of policing one of America's poorest and most violent cities.

According to ABC12, they give the series kudos for its fantastic production value and attempt to accurately portray the challenges of policing with limited resources, both men say the film fails to provide solutions or even the possibility of a positive outcome.

Yesterday I spent the day watching the entire documentary and while I thought it was a little slow from time to time, I did think they did a fantastic job with the production of the series. Overall I thought it was really good but I wasn't expecting them to provide solutions or deliver a positive outcome like the pastors in the video above were hoping for. Netflix delivered the facts of the true struggles our law enforcement endure on a daily basis.

The documentary really opened my eyes to the hard work the Flint Police have been doing over the years. For me personally, that was the positive outcome the series delivered.

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