It does not happen often, but once in a while when I am scrolling Facebook I see a post that does not involve over sharing, a selfie, a complaint, or a meme about something political.

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The awesome update I saw yesterday was posted by Vic's Pit Stop. If you are not familiar, Vic's Pit Stop is a sports bar and barbecue spot, located behind Ruggero's Italian Restaurant on Corunna Road in Flint. This post was in response to the recent fire at Foutch's Pub on Linden Road in Flint.

The post read as follows,

'We are so saddened to hear about our neighbors at Foutch’s Pub. The past year and a half have been the roughest of times for us all, but nothing compares to this sudden loss. We would love to reach out to the entire staff and offer them available positions as servers, bartenders and cooks. Please stop by and apply as soon as possible. We wish the entire Foutch family prayers and a speedy rebuilding.'

How kind is that? I could not have said it better myself - yes, the last year has been so tough on people in the service industry. To finally be back to work, and then experience a devastating fire is absolutely horrible. My thoughts definitely go out to the Foutch family and all of their awesome staff too.

As far as Foutch's Pub reopening goes, it could take up to a year to do so. Big shout out to Larry and his crew at Vic's Pit Stop for stepping up to help out.

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