Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are Against All Evil, Marjorie's Cane, Panic Synapse and Allcoy — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now.

  • Against All Evil

    'Wake Up'[audio://]

    Against All Evil is a hybrid of many rock sounds that grace the airwaves. There are metal and punk rock influences that meld with a hard and melodic rock feel. The goal is not just to write good songs, but hit songs, songs that mean something to its audience. We want our fans to be able to relate to the songs, for them to feel the energy, emotion and passion we have portrayed in each song, and to be able to use it, rely on it, when they need somewhere to turn.

  • Marjorie's Cane

    'Long Desert Ride'[audio://]

    Marjorie's Cane is Johnny Monroe on vocal and rhythm guitar, Pete Martin on vocals and bass, Evan Hakim on drums and Brian Burger supplying lead guitar. Dirty Stoner/ Monster Riffs / Huge Rhythm Section with Pounding Drums/Dark moody vibes. Evil Guitar Solos / 2 Lead Singers with Great Harmonies.

  • Panic Synapse

    'If All Else Fails, Choose Option 5'[audio://]

    This post-hardcore metal quintet from Owosso, Michigan blends elements of rock, metal, and even a few electronic elements to create a unique sound. The band recently entered the studio to record -- be sure to look for them on tour soon.

  • Allcoy


    Allcoy was subconsciously born in 1994 when they were attending separate elementary schools wearing their flannels and parting their hair. All wanting to perform and play music, their dreadful and depressing journeys growing up led them together to not only form a band, but also a dysfunctional family of degenerates. Call it punk. Call it grunge. Call it rock.