Five (we're assuming) germaphobic brothers are closing in on their Kickstarter goal for Beer Pong Slip Cups -- actually, by the time you read this it will be funded -- but why fund them when you can already buy/make your own for less in stores right now?

Beer Pong Slip Cups are a great idea. They basically have one small, but crucial function in America's favorite drinking game -- to eliminate the nastiness that occurs when your beer pong ball gets dirty. The ones shown in the Kickstarter video below have special, "ultra-thin rims" (who is that serious about minor cup specifications?) and a "catcher" that keeps the ball in the cup, but they're basically condoms that protect your beer from the dirtiness of the ball. Pretty smart, but you can already get these in any decent-sized grocery store for cheaper. Sorry, bros.

The "inventors" are looking for a $70k overall investment, and are giving people who donate $5 a pack of 20 Slip Cups. We just drove to the closest supermarket and bought 40 for around $3.29. How do they stack up against the Slip Cup's selling points? Well, we decided to find out in the video above.