Founders Brewing Co. has been busy creating a new beer for all of us to enjoy.

With a lot of extra time on my hands in the last year, I have had the ability to try out new beer flavors and I am very excited to give this a shot. Founders Brewing Co. has announced their new 'All Day Vacay,' which is their first-ever line-extension of their most popular brands.

If you are not a Founders Brewing Co. Cadre member then you may have missed the news. If you are a Cadre member, you may have been one of the 2,500 people to receive the All Day Vacay postcards for the new release.

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The All Day Vacay is a wheat ale that contains 4.6% ABV and will be available in six and 15-packs of 12-ounce cans throughout the United States from April through September. If you're lucky enough, you will also be able to find it on draft in select places. Be sure to follow Founders Brewing Co. on all their social media platforms for all the upcoming details.

Not only has Founders been working on the brand new All Day Vacay, but they have also just recently jumped into the hard seltzer market as well. In August, Founders Brewing Co. announced their brand new product, which was Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer. The Mas Agave Seltzer comes in three different flavors, which are strawberry, Lime, and Grapefruit. At this point, Founders has everything you need for a night with family and friends. From hard seltzer, to the new All Day Vacay, to my personal favorite KBS. Cheers!

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