With the Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League set to begin in about a month, this just seems appropriate to get out there. Even the professional golfers of the world can have a bad shot. 

One of the most important rules on the golf course is to yell "fore" if your ball is sailing towards a group of people. When you hear that yelled on a course, you always cover your head and hope you do not get hit. "Fore" means that a golf ball is coming in hot in your direction. Unfortunately for this spectator, they didn't know about this rule.

If you have ever heard a golf ball bounce off something hard, like a tree or pavement, it makes a unique sound. Turn up the volume because this ball made the same noise on someone's skull. It is a bit painful to hear and watch.

So moral of the story, always duck and cover when you hear someone yell "FORE."


Source: Cork Gaines via Twitter